Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Layout, Three Cards

As I was coming up for cards for my stamp class/club, I made the above cards. They didn't make the "cut," but I like how just changing up the color scheme changes the "feel" of the cards. The top one is calming and the other two are fun:) The small butterfly punch was used to make the butterflies....I love that punch!

Personal Note/Update:
I know I've been slacking again on the blog! I've been having a hard time finding TIME to stamp, take pictures and post:( I even have things to post, but I just don't have the pictures taken:( On a personal note, I still do not have a voice! (For those of you who came to my Friday class) My family said it doesn't help when I have to talk to everyone at their sporting events and occasionally holler at the ref and Lily when she is playing:) I have subbed every day this week, so I feel bad for the students who have to listen to me! Onto the "finger" issues.....Carter smashed his finger with weights. It is looking better, but he will probably lose his fingernail. The tip of his finger is black and blue. It still hurts if he hits it on something. Lily jammed her finger at her game on Sunday. She is healing quickly and can almost bend it completely without it hurting! When she sits in class, she practices bending it further and further....she is doing her own physical therapy with it. That's it for our aches and pains!!! The good news is that the Gopher basketball team finally won!!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog....

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