Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Dominos

Some of you have seen these before, but I wanted to show you my 2010 version! If you have never made these, here are the directions....find an image that will fit on a domino, ink it up with black staz on ink, color in the image with a permanent marker (I use sharpies) and then apply crystal effects over the image. Once the crystal effects is dry, put sticky strip around the outside of the domino, attach ribbon, tie the ribbon at the top of the domino in a knot and then tie another knot at the end of the ribbon to make a loop for hanging on the tree. I like to tie these to the outside of gift bags. They are fun to make, easy and the recipients enjoy them! I am actually having my son's 2nd grade class make these at their Christmas party. I stamped on the domino for them, since the surface is a little slippery. Have fun making these!

A suggestion...even those these particular ones are ornaments, you could turn them into magnets or even necklaces. You don't need to be limited to Christmas and Christmas images!

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