Thursday, April 8, 2010

Color Renovation

Stampin' Up is introducing 5 new colors in our core color collection and bringing back 10 retired in-colors! There will now be 4 color families with 10 colors in each. The 5 new in-colors that will be introduced with the new catalog will stay for a 2 year period with 5 more being introduced the following year. With these new colors, there will be colors that are retiring, so if one of your favorite colors is retiring, you may want to stock up on cardstock, ink refill and accessories in that color. Now, I DO NOT like change (yes, I feel that strong about change), however, I'm excited over this:) I'm ready for some new colors. Many of the colors that are retiring are ones that I hardly ever use. Bring on the on the charts below to enlarge them to get a better view of the new colors and the ones that will be retiring.
Retiring colors:

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